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Cuttington University has signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU) with the Liberia Association of Psychosocial Services. The two institutions signed the agreement on Tuesday, October 20, 2020.

The Liberia Association of Psychosocial Services is a devoted and serviceable institution committed to building the capacity of many through its psychosocial and counseling programs. Having considered the immense impacts of LAPS on the Liberian society and the fact that Cuttington University, as an institution of higher learning in Liberia, also has plans to grant degrees in the related academic disciplines, CU Administration has embraced the establishment of the program.

The program is expected to commence in December 2020 at CU, where students who have already begun their studies will come on weekends to the University’s campus in Suakoko to acquire degrees in Psychosocial and Trauma Counseling Services.

During the signing ceremony, CU President, Dr. Browne, affixed his signature to the document on behalf of the Administration of Cuttington University, and was witnessed by Dr. Charles W. Ford, Jr., CU Vice President for Academic Affairs. Meanwhile, Mr. Seidu Swaray, Executive Director of LAPS, and Mrs. Sarah Lwanga Nalule, Psychotherapist and Trainer, represented and signed the agreement for their institution.

Making separate remarks at the occasion, CU President lauded LAPS’ representatives for the initiative and promised to do everything possible to have the program established and operated according to the MOU. Dr. Browne said that the administration is quite excited about this great opportunity and partnership; and it is the John & Judy Gay College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences that will be driving the expertise in getting it possible.

Also speaking on behalf of the Liberia Association of Psychosocial Services (LAPS), Mr. Swaray and Mrs. Nalule stressed that their institution remains grateful to the Cuttington’s family for the privilege given them to partner with the University, and they also look forward to committing themselves to the MOU. They further encouraged the University and its students to utilize the resources and facilities available for the program.

Interestingly, Mr. Swaray acknowledged that they were incredibly thankful to CU for how organized the University has been in handling psychosocial and mental health-related issues over the years.

The two institutions expressed great delight about their partnership, willingness and commitment in working together to ensure a long-lasting corporation that would continuously enhance the capacity of the program as well as foster its many inspiring objectives.

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