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The administration of Cuttington University has extended its profound commendations to its alumni association in the Americas for the provision of 15 Firefly Classic GoSlo Solar Panel kits to the University.

The installation of 15 Firefly Classic GoSlo Solar Panel in October targeted several dormitories and major facilities on the University’s Suakoko Campus. Rally Hall, Harris’ Hall, Gardner’s Hall, Dorm “A,” Dorm “B,” Dorm “C,” Dorm “D,” Dorm “E,” Dorm “G,” and the Seth C. Edwards’ Cafeteria are fitted with these devices.

Meanwhile, the University, through its President, Dr. Herman B. Browne, has lauded the CUAAA’s family through its President, Mrs. Glendy Reeves for always thinking about the University while in the Americas. It can be recalled the CUAAA provided 15 street solar lights in 2018. They made other donations.

Dr. Browne has however reassured the CU Alumni Association in the Americas of the University’s commitment to always maintaining a collaborative support in the best interest of the institution.

According to him, the CUAAA project which costs US $4,461.30 has greatly added value to students’ living quarters on Suakoko Campus, most especially during night hours.

He told members of the University’s PR team that the patronage by the Cuttington University Alumni Association in the Americas shows the dedicated commitment the CUAAA has for the University.

During the installation of the solar panel lights, students were seen with smile on their faces. The students, speaking through their leader, Lee T. Mason, praised the CU Alumni Association in the Americas for such a timely project as well as their continuous valuable support to CU.

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